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Our Services
At Sunshine Digital Marketing & Media Production, we offer a broad range of services and products not limited to;

Video Production

we produce concepts for video production. Under this service and to ascertain quality, relevance and meaningfulness, we employ three core steps. These are: pre-production – whereby we develop the concept for the client and carryout internal quality and relevance assurance prior to presenting it to the client; production – under this concept we develop scripts and capture still and motion pictures and post-production – here, we conduct the cleaning and editing to fit the client’s needs and also ensure that the quality is market informed and also communicates effectively to a diversity of consumers.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategies work mostly for business to business as well as business to consumers. To Deliver on this service, at Sunshine we employ the following strategies; To establish relationship-building strategies that work better for a diversity of clients, therein responding better to market and client needs and dynamics over the short – mid – and long-term basis and; To ascertain relevance and focus, At Sunshine we ensure that our services are based on logic and evidence. In effect, this means that the content we develop or produce is more likely to be emotionally-based, focusing on making the customer feel good about a purchase or a product.

Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is the process of tracking, analyzing and measuring various media channels, their performance and the demographics that they attract most. Channels can include traditional media (think newsprint, magazines, radio and television) and digital media (web-based applications) Analyzing the data from these sources enables Sunshine to provide an informed view to our clients on their virtual engagement and relevance. With this information, clients are able to understand everything from public perception to the growing trends in your industry.

Communication Strategy

A Communication strategy is an all-encompassing roadmap for business and marketing communications that guides communications across all formats, mediums, and audiences; and aligns them with core values, purpose, and desired outcomes of our clients. At Sunshine, we conceptualize and development Communication strategy guides for internal and external use. Through Communication strategies, we provide guidance to our clients on how best to streamline communications and also to understand the fundamental to an organization’s marketing and business strategy.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management basically entails providing our clients with the technical support and advisory on how to best establish its image to inform public opinion of its operations, and mandate by the general public. In this regard, at Sunshine we provide technical services on the entire facet of social media engagement and are responsible for our client’s social networks and ensuring the right information is shared with the right people at the right time. Some of the activities we undertake include but not limited to; developing content – tweeting and posting, commutating with users and clients, researching trends and interests, conducting performance analysis and developing analytical reports and often, managing negative branding by competitors

Web Development

Lastly, online presence is key in this digital age. As such, at Sunshine we design websites that depict our clients positively in the virtual space. Further, we provide online support as relates to training staff to manage and operate the websites as well as provide hosting services.

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