Mohamud Abdisamad Abdiaziz

Mohamud Abdisamad – is currently a Cameraman and Producer at BBC Somali, based in Mogadishu, where he excels in capturing compelling visual content and producing high-quality stories. With previous experience as a Digital Editor at Horn Connect and CGTN, he brings expertise in digital media management and content creation to his role. Mohamud is skilled in producing engaging narratives and capturing professional-grade photos and videos. Mohamud’s portfolio boasts significant achievements. He has reported from pivotal events such as the Mogadishu presidential elections and has contributed to notable projects like the IOM Stabilization Project and BRCiS II In Somalia.  In addition to his prowess in media production, Mohamud Abdisamad is also a talented multilinguist, fluent in Somali, Arabic, and English. This linguistic dexterity not only enables him to effectively communicate with diverse audiences but also underscores his deep understanding of the cultural nuances and sensitivities within Somalia and beyond. Mohamud’s editing skills extend beyond the realm of photography, as he is also gifted in video editing. His expertise in this domain is exemplified by his contributions to editing clips for BBC, where he seamlessly weaves together visuals and narratives to craft compelling stories that resonate with viewers worldwide. Mohamud exemplifies his dedication and courage by reporting live from the ground for BBC, delivering firsthand insights into unfolding events and stories in Somalia

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